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Your drip coffee maker is one of the first things you want to see in the morning, as it allows you to start your day with a fresh cup of delicious coffee! The machine is capable of heating up cold water, so you’re probably wondering if you can boil water with it. It could come in handy someday, right?

Well, hold up! Sure, it can make the water piping hot but does a drip coffee maker boil water? Sorry to burst your bubbles, but it doesn’t! Not satisfied with the answer? Want an explanation?

That’s precisely what we’re here to do today. So, before you go and start boiling water with a coffee maker, give this a read!

What Exactly Is Boiling Water?

You want to boil water with your drip coffee maker, but what exactly is considered boiling water? Let’s get a bit scientific. As you already know, simply heating water doesn’t make it boil. It actually has to reach a specific temperature level to be considered boiled water.

Every substance has a boiling point and for water, it’s 100-degree Celsius or 212-degree Fahrenheit. Water doesn’t start boiling until the temperature reaches the boiling point. It will start bubbling and creating steam when it gets hot enough to start boiling. 

Boiling water is important because the high temperature kills off the bacteria and makes the water safe for drinking or other use.

Why Doesn’t Drip Coffee Makers Boil Water?

Let’s see how a standard drip coffee maker works. This will help in understanding how it cannot boil water.

When you start the brewing process after placing the grounds and water into the designated compartment, the machine starts heating the water. Steam begins to rise from the hot water and passes through a tube system.

As soon as the steam reaches the drip area, it gets dispersed and starts dripping evenly on the grounded coffee beans. The water flows through the grounds and the filter before dropping into the coffee pot with all the caffeoyl.

Here is the most important thing to note. The ideal temperature of a standard drip coffee maker or any coffee maker for that matter is 195 F to 205 F. That’s a bit below the boiling point. This temperature is crucial because it allows your coffee’s flavor to be rightly extracted.

So, coffee machines don’t allow the water temperature to exceed 205 F and reach the boiling point. This is to make sure you always get a tasty cup of coffee.

If you brew coffee with boiling water, the coffee grounds will be burnt. You will be left with a coffee that tastes burnt and way too bitter. Nobody likes burnt coffee. For maintaining the quality and taste, coffee makers are designed to prevent the water from boiling.

Coffee maker manufacturers want their products to sell. If their machines produce burnt coffee, there is no way people will buy them. So, these machines are actually incapable of making the temperature go above the optimum level.

Can a Drip Coffee Maker Purify Water?

You should always make sure to use clean and safe water in your coffee machine. That’s because a drip coffee maker can’t kill off the bacteria simply because it can’t boil water. Bacteria only dies at boiling point.

So, if you pour unpurified water into the machine and hope that the high temperature will get rid of the bacteria, you’d be so wrong! You will practically drink bacteria-infested coffee that way and diseases will soon follow.

If you want to be safe, you should boil the water elsewhere, cool it, and then pour it into the coffee. There are some stove-top coffee makers that can boil water, but your drip coffee maker certainly cannot!

However, a coffee maker still does a great job at heating water. It will make the water hot enough for suiting most of your needs. For instance, if you want to make tea or instant coffee, you can definitely rely on a coffee maker. You just have to ensure you don’t use unclean water.

Final Words

Well, now you know why a drip coffee maker can’t be used for boiling water. These machines are designed to keep the water temperature between 195 F to 205 F because that’s the optimum temperature for brewing coffee.

However, the boiling point of water is 212 F. You won’t get delicious coffee if you brew it with boiled water.

So, if you’re thinking of boiling water with your coffee machine, maybe don’t because they aren’t designed for that. Use other means if you need boiled water. A coffee maker should be used only for brewing hot cups of coffee every morning.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to provide an in-depth answer to the question, does a drip coffee maker boil water?

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