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We know that a lot of you prefer distilled water to use in drinking and cooking. As this process gets rid of many harmful components and elements, it is surely more beneficial than regular water.

Making distilled water over the stove is a time-consuming and troublesome process, which makes users often search for other ways to do it. Using a coffee maker is a clever hack that many people use.

Does a coffee maker distill water? Continue reading to find out the answer! Consuming healthy water is surely going to be beneficial for your health.

Why Should I Drink or Use Distilled Water?

It is normal to wonder if it is actually necessary to consume drinking water or use it in cooking. Let’s take a look at some health benefits of distilled water that will hopefully encourage you to consume it.

  • For those who get polluted water in their tap, drinking distilled water is much better than drinking tap water
  • This process is said to be much more effective at getting rid of harmful elements in the water
  • Most medical practitioners and nutritionists suggest that distilled water is beneficial
  • It causes no harm to the kidneys
  • Most people face no problem if they drink distilled water

Does a Coffee Maker Distill Water?

Yes, a coffee maker does distill water if you follow the steps properly and know what you are doing. Continue below to go through our comprehensive step-to-step guide regarding the process.

  • At first, clean your coffee maker thoroughly. Make sure that there is not any coffee present in the machine.
  • Pour your choice of water into the coffee maker. Naturally, most people use tap water at this stage.
  • When the water reaches the boiling stage, place a cup below the outlet of the machine and collect the water.
  • Be patient as it will take some time.
  • After you are done collecting, place the water in the fridge to cool it down.

Some Drawbacks

There are some drawbacks to this process and some arguments against it. The main drawback is that the heat of a coffee maker does not really boil water, as the water temperature inside a coffee maker goes up to 205 Fahrenheit. Water boils at a higher temperature of 212 Fahrenheit.

To properly distill water with the help of a coffee machine, you will have to take on a lot of trouble. If you are adamant about using a coffee maker, then you must purchase something that can heat water as high as possible.

How Can I Properly Distill Water?

After reading the drawbacks and arguments regarding using a coffee maker to make distilled water, you might be thinking of other good methods to follow.

The most proper way to get distilled water is by using a distiller machine. You will find many countertop versions of this machine that can be comfortably used at home. If you do not want to use or purchase a machine, then you can also take the help of a stove.

Let us take a look at the steps below;

  • You will need two pots, one larger and one smaller. Add water to the large pot and place the smaller one inside. Make sure the smaller pot stays afloat.
  • Turn on the heat and make sure that it is not too high. After the stove is turned on, place a lid upside down on the larger pot. This will lead the condensed water to travel to the center of the lid and drop into the smaller pot. Slowly, the smaller pot will fill up.
  • Next, fill the top of the upside-down lid with ice to speed up the cooling process. Alternatively, you can also take the distilled water, cool it down, and place it inside your fridge. Be careful as everything will be very hot.

And you are done! Enjoy your distilled water with health benefits.

Some Precautions

Distilled water is often met with criticism by many people. This water has some drawbacks that we believe you should know about.

  • Distilled water does not have the taste of regular water. It may taste strange when you are drinking it.
  • Regularly drinking distilled water or being completely dependent on it is not recommended.
  • Children, pregnant women, athletes, those who are severely sick, and those who have cancer should have as little distilled water as possible to reduce the chances of electrolyte imbalance.
  • Distilled water leads to an increase in urine output.

Final Words

We hope we have answered your much-asked question. No matter which type of water you drink or use, make sure you are doing what is best for you and your health.

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