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“What are you – five years old?! Surely a coffee mug is heavier than you are claiming it to be.”

“I am telling you, it doesn’t weigh more than ½ kg. If it was any heavier than that, a cry baby like you would’ve made a big deal of it. And we don’t hear you saying, ‘oh, my hands are going to fall off,’ do we? Then it’s certainly lightweight.”

The argument gets long, but the question that still remains unanswered is, how much does a coffee mug weigh?

Guess what? Both of you are in for a surprise. For, mugs vary in terms of sizes and weights. Read on to get the full picture.

The Weights of Different Kinds of Mugs

Numerous types of coffee mugs are out there to adorn your kitchen with. However, most people stick to a few common ones we are going to talk about shortly. Once you get familiar with their weights, you will have an idea about how heavy the mugs can be.

1. Regular Mugs

Let’s start with the commonest coffee mugs out there. They weigh around 360 grams. And that means you can enjoy about 13 ounces of warm delight in them. So, when you are saying good morning to your loved ones, you are going to consume about 0.9 pounds of coffee.

Now, is that too much coffee to start the day with? Nah, it’s not even close.

2. Ceramic Coffee Mug

Most of the regular coffee mugs out there are made of either porcelain or ceramic. Therefore, we want to inform you that you might be burdening your hand with 300-350 grams of weight every time. And you see, that’s pretty close to the previously mentioned mug.

3. Travel Coffee Mug

A mug of this type needs to be as lightweight as possible. And the good news is that it’s lighter than others. At about 300 grams, it will make you forget that you are holding a mug full of yumminess. But hey, don’t forget about it, though, if you don’t want to spill it all over your travel companion’s jacket.

4. Glass Mugs

We are now dealing with almost 700 grams weighing mugs. And you can guess that these are the glass mugs we are referring to. Also, mugs made of stoneware weigh close to that, if not more. But, they can also be as light as 400 grams.

5. Disposable Cups

Let’s talk about the lightest of coffee mugs. Yes, it’s the disposable cups we are talking about. With a feathery weight of about 15 grams, it makes your day by pouring in the energy needed.

Does the Size of Coffee Mugs Matter?

The topic of weight naturally leads us to talk about the sizes of coffee mugs. Most mugs out there are 12oz ones. That means they measure about 8 cm in their outer diameter, whereas the height is about 10 cm. These types of mugs are made for the utmost comfort of the hand. They just fit the palms perfectly.

Some other mugs will contain 15oz of coffee. These things are taller and wider than the previously mentioned ones. And travel mugs are mostly 15oz. On the other hand, if you are comfortable with normal mugs to enjoy your morning delight, then you will be consuming around 350 ml of coffee.

Relation Between the Amount of Coffee and the Sizes of Mugs

This time, we are going to talk about the coffee mugs of coffee-freaks. They seem to become dehydrated, upset, and whatnot if you don’t give them their coffees. A mug with 200 ml of coffee won’t do for these guys. You hand over a cup with 500 ml of coffee, and they will be like, “Now, we are talking.”

And it’s only understandable that these cups will be a bit heavier than others, weighing around 500 grams.

Final Words

It’s been fun to talk about the one simple beverage that connects millions across the globe in a mutual feeling – love for the steaming cups of sweet dreams! Now that we’ve solved the puzzle, never forget the weights of the mugs that bring all the colors in your black and white winter mornings.

There’s one more thing. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones. For, in some other corner of the street, there might be a silly fight going on. And again, the topic might be coffee mug weigh.

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