Why Does My Coffee Maker Take So Long to Brew?

If there’s one thing millions of people enjoy on a daily basis across the world, it’s coffee. With the advancement of technology, making coffee has gotten super convenient with the help of coffee makers.

All you have to do is insert the necessary ingredients and wait as the excellent mechanism automatically makes your favorite brew in a matter of minutes.

However, if there’s one thing that bothers human beings the most, it’s is not getting their favorite cup of joe on time. Why does my coffee maker take so long to brew?

Well, today, we will look into the possible reasons and show you how you can solve these predicaments.

Possible Reasons for a Slow Brew

There can be a lot of reasons behind why a coffee maker might be working slower than usual. Among them, the most common cause is the accumulation of mineral deposits within the device’s base.

In case you are someone who prefers to use tap water for making your favorite brew, these reasons are most likely to apply to your device.

Tap water contains a lot of minerals like limestone and calcium, which can stagnate within the machine’s interior over time. This unnatural stagnation can result in it taking too much time to make coffee, dropping its quality, and evaporating the water too quickly.

Another viable yet lesser-known alternative to your coffee maker acting up is its valve or hose clogging up. It’s not a problem that users often run into, but it is a possibility and can compromise your coffee flavor.

In that case, you need to deconstruct the entire mechanism and give each of the components a thorough cleaning. Once you fit each piece back in, it should work just fine.

Solutions to a Faster Brew

No one wants their coffee to make them late during the morning rush or start their day with a bad brew of joe. To make sure that your coffee maker performs consistently every day, here are two things that you can do so that your device doesn’t ever fall behind.

Routine Cleaning and Maintenance

Ideally, there are no reasons to panic if your coffee brewer starts underperforming. Most of the time, this inconsistency can arise from the product needing a proper cleaning. Maximum cases of underperformance from units like these are avoidable if you just regularly give it a good cleaning.

Unlike most electrical products, coffee makers are actually relatively easy to clean, and you can complete the entire process in the same time it takes to make coffee. Considering that you’re using it for making consumption items, it’s best to opt for natural cleaning agents over artificial ones.

In that regard, some of the best options include vinegar and citric acid; all can be found in a grocery store.

Begin the process by mixing the cleaning agent with water in a pot. Once the mixture is ready, pour it into the interior of the coffee maker. Now put a filter paper inside the filter basket and turn the machine on to allow the solution to clean it properly.

All you have to do is clean it regularly, and you can easily take care of a lot of anomalies.

Deconstruction and Deep Wash

Now that we have gone through the most common solution, it’s time to look into a practice that can drastically elevate the performance of the coffee maker. With the passage of time, your coffee maker will go through a couple of strains, and it can start sputtering in performance.

It can also turn weak from the parts overheating or overworking. Liquid spills can also slow down its performance. Then, there’s also the matter of the occasional accident that can range from falls to dents and damages.

In case your coffee maker has been around for a while now and has been faithfully serving you for months, it’s time you pamper it a bit and give it a thorough cleaning. Start by taking apart the pieces one by one cleaning them. Be careful and generous with each of the components.

If necessary, find replacements for the more beaten-up parts. Once you put them all back together and start operating it, you will find that the device is brewing your favorite cup of joe faster and better than ever!


Why does my coffee maker takes so long to brew is a question a lot of people seem to ask on a daily basis. Who would have thought the answer and the solution were so simple? Now all that’s left is to be more vigilant and careful when operating your brewer, and you can enjoy your favorite hot beverage without any hitches! You will never have to worry about a flat-tasting caffeinated drink ever again!

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