7 Best White Coffee Maker Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

We have reviewed coffee makers earlier, but not the white coffee makers, though. This time things were different. We had to look for the best white coffee maker as our readers demanded it but to be honest, getting the perfect one was a hard nut to crack.

Since we were looking for something with great capacity in it, an amazing carafe plate, something with an auto shut-off feature, durability, and compact, we were pulling our hair because you can’t get all these in a nutshell.

However, finally after doing all our research with our team and some sleepless nights, here are the top 7 white coffee makers for you.

Best White Coffee Maker Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
keurig k-select jpeg #1 Keurig K-Select Single Serve Coffee Maker Material: Plastic
Color: Matte White
Capacity: 5 Cups
Weight: 8.51 lbs
Check Latest Price
Black+Decker CM1160W jpeg #2 Black+Decker 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Material: Plastic
Color: White
Capacity: 12 Kilograms
Weight: 3 Pounds
Check Latest Price
BUNN GRW Velocity jpeg #3 BUNN GRW Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer Material: Stainless Steel
Color: White
Capacity: 10 Cups
Weight: 8 Pounds
Check Latest Price
Mr. Coffee 12 jpeg #4 Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Manual Coffee Maker Material: Plastic
Color: White
Capacity: 12 Cups
Weight: 3.6 Pounds
Check Latest Price
Cuisinart DCC-1100 jpeg #5 Cuisinart DCC-1100 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Material: Stainless Steel
Color: White
Capacity: 12 Cups
Weight: 1 Pounds
Check Latest Price
Hamilton Beach jpeg #6 Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Single Serve Coffee Maker Material: Glass
Color: White
Capacity: 12 Cups
Weight: 12 Pounds
Check Latest Price
Keurig 611247386125 K-Mini jpeg #7 Keurig 611247386125 K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker Material: 
Color: White
Weight: 6.98 Pounds
Check Latest Price

7 Best White Coffee Maker Reviews

These are the coffee makers that we’ve found to be awesome. You can take a look at each coffee maker and see which one goes with your taste.

1. Keurig K-Select Single Serve Coffee Maker

We don’t think this model from Keurig needs any introduction! Its sleek design, along with the exquisite “matte white,” takes its outlook to a whole new level! Let’s get familiar with the features to know about the champ in detail.

We want to start with the overall size and weight of this coffee maker. Measuring 11.6 x 9.2 x 12.5 inches weighs no more than 8.51lbs, which means transferring it from kitchen to room will be just a snap!

And guess what? Its 52-ounce water reservoir lets you brew at least 4 cups in one attempt. More interestingly, you can enjoy your favorite coffee in four different cup sizes, including 10, 12, 8, and 6 oz.

Alongside the alluring look, you’re getting multiple buttons to control the maker in the way you want. And yes, it won’t even create any noise while giving a stronger cup of caffeine!

By just closing and opening the brewer handle, you’ll be capable of choosing your desired-sized cup in order to get warm water. Despite being known as just a coffee maker, it’s able to serve you hot cocoa and tea within only a single minute.

The drip tray you can see here can be removed when you want, and it can hold a travel mug that’s around 7.4-inch. Make sure you take off the drip tray when you want to wash it off.

Last but certainly not least, it shuts off automatically after a certain time when you aren’t operating it. Thus, it saves extra energy as well.


  • Only 8.51lbs for easy transportation
  • Equips 52oz reservoir to let you get 4 cups of coffee with different sizes
  • The removable drip tray is easy to clean
  • A classy look with a compact design
  • Won’t create any noise while brewing coffee
  • Shuts off automatically for saving extra energy


  • Not that sturdy due to the plastic construction!


Except for the build quality, Keurig K-Selectearns a great value in terms of portability, outstanding performance, and aesthetic outlook.

2. Black+Decker 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Probably you’re wondering that the previous one is a bit steep, right? If so, then this budget-friendly coffee maker from Black + Decker will surely meet your needs.

Controlling the coffee maker is nothing but a breeze due to the large rubberized buttons. Here, you’ll also find a specific display that lets you monitor the brewing time, clock, and a couple of programming settings.

And yes, it’s tough to get these features at this price range. So as you can see, the coffee maker is giving enough value to its price!

Despite being cheap, you’re getting 12 cups of capacity. And surprisingly, the cup of coffee you’ve made will stay warm for longer (at least for an hour); the credit goes to its carafe plate that’s non-stick.

Don’t worry about safety; you’ll find an automatic shut-off feature that works pretty well. Apart from that, the unique “sneak-a-cup” feature aids you in stopping the flow of your desired drink and pouring the coffee without any mess.

The thing you’ll probably like about this maker is the “easy-to-view” window it shows off. As it suggests, you can easily get a clear view while turning the water into your favorite drink. And that seems pretty cool, eh?

Needless to say, you can move it easily from one place to another, thanks to its plastic-made body along with 4.50lbs weight. But, indeed, the build quality isn’t that good due to the plastic material!


  • Rubberized button with a specific display to monitor the device smoothly
  • It comes in a total of 12 cups of capacity
  • Weighing only 4.50lbs for portability
  • A carafe plate keeps your drink warm for long
  • Auto shut-off feature


  • Poor construction because of the plastic!
  • The auto programming function doesn’t work at times!


The 12 cup capacity of this maker seems enough for most customers. Plus, it can retain the warmth of your drink for an extended period with its carafe plate.

3. BUNN GRW Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

If durability matters a lot to you, then we’re pretty sure the BUNN GRW will match perfectly with your tastes. The maker has used top-notch stainless steel material, making it one of the sturdiest coffee makers out there in the current market.

With an exquisite white color, it gets a classic black color as well to make it more aesthetic and suitable for any décor. So, let it be your kitchen countertop or even your dining table; this will perfectly suit every place.

The capacity is better; as you can see, you’ll be able to brew up to 10 cups (20-50 oz) within no more than 3 minutes. So easily you can make several cups of coffee for yourself and your family!

You can even keep the water warm for a long time since the internal tank is equipped with stainless steel. The maximum brewing temperature will be nearly 200-degree Fahrenheit for optimum results.


  • Sturdy construction due to the stainless steel material
  • It suits every place with its classy look
  • Capable of delivering 10 cups of coffee within 3 minutes
  • The internal tank keeps water warm for a long period


  • The size isn’t perfect for storing it in tight areas!
  • Offers limited functions at this price range


The coffee maker fits with everyone’s kitchen countertop with a better combination of white and black color. Plus, the outer frame seems pretty much durable on account of the stainless steel material.

4. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Manual Coffee Maker

Here we’re presenting another good-looking coffee maker that’s brought to you by Mr. Coffee. There are two different color options available (black and white), but we liked the white one most.

Compared to our previous pick, it’s more affordable, more lightweight, but not more durable, unfortunately, because of the plastic body. We still hope you can use it for a long time with proper care and maintenance.

It’s good to know that the maker features a double water window instead of a single, allowing you to monitor the proper water level and reduce the chance of overflows.

Even it reminds you to turn it off immediately with its off/on the indicator. It’ll also let you know when the maker is “on.”

Talking about cleaning, you just need to take off the filter, and that’s all! It’s comparatively easy to wash off compared to the traditional models. So, you won’t have to spend hours or apply any specific rules at all to get the job done!


  • Affordable and only around 3.6 pounds for better portability
  • Allows you to prepare 12 cups of coffee without stopping
  • Dual water window lets you see the water level more conveniently
  • It reminds you to shut the maker off through an indicator
  • The filter is relatively easy to clean


  • Flimsy plastic material!
  • Unable to keep your coffee warm for a long period!


We’re pretty sure you can’t ignore the off/on indicator, lightweight structure, and exquisite color it comes with. And guess what? Mr. Coffeeis giving you all these advantages at a reasonable price!

5. Cuisinart DCC-1100 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Hands down, this one from Cuisinart is one of the bests white coffee makers we’ve ever seen so far. The attractive white color, compact design, and modern built-in display make it quite popular amongst coffee addicts.

You better call it an automatic coffee maker; the little bomb has got 24-hour programmability along with an automatic turn-off feature, making the device easy and at the same time safe to operate.

No need to wait for too long to get your favorite drink! This coffee maker will let you have up to 12 cups of strong coffee at a go, and more interestingly, it enables you to have a single cup before the brewing has been completed, thanks to its unique “brew pause” system.

And we’re pretty sure you’ll love the dripless spout, ergonomic handle, along with the knuckle guard it shows off. The stainless steel material takes durability to the next level. So definitely, this will last longer than the traditional ones.

Let us tell you something more! You’re getting a self-cleaning mode included here. Consequently, it can clean the interior part of this maker with ease and quickness.

What’s more? Measuring scoop, water filter (charcoal), 1 to a 4-cup option, and manymore functions are available.


  • Capable of delivering up to 12 cups of coffee in one go
  • Brew pause system, dripless spout, ergonomic handle enhances the functionality
  • Stainless steel makes this coffee maker more durable
  • Automatic shut-off with a number buttons ensure better control


  • The pouring area appears to be tiny!


If you’re looking for something that is both stylish and functional, Cuisinart DCC-1100P1 might be your ultimate pick. Even you can control the device in your own way since there are so many functions available for you.

6. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Single Serve Coffee Maker

From now on, it’s possible to brew in two different ways with the Hamilton Beach 49947.

So, let it be a full pot or just a single cup; this efficient coffee maker will get your job successfully done! And thankfully, it’s compatible with both ground coffee and k-cup pods.

Here, you’ll find easy-view windows, an automatic power-off feature, two different reservoirs, a programmable timer, and some more options. Of course, these things will dramatically improve the performance of this maker, so you get the maximum benefit from it.

The capacity also seems better as you’ll be capable of getting 12 cups of coffee straight away.

Talking about the construction, the maker has used top-quality glass, making it stylish, aesthetic, and suitable for your countertop. But you’ll have to use the machine with proper care since the glass body might break if it falls off to the ground.


  • Able to brew in two different ways
  • Delivers 12 cups of coffee at once
  • Automatic shut-off with a programmable timer for better functionality
  • A high-quality glass body improves the outlook


  • A tad bit bulky!
  • Due to the glass body, it’ll break if it accidentally falls off!


Only a couple of coffee makers probably might come nearly as close to the Hamilton Beach 49947 when we talk about the performance, outlook, and unique features. Even the maker can brew in 2 different ways just for your convenience!

7. Keurig 611247386125 K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

We’re going to wrap up the list with an ultra-slim coffee maker named Keurig 611247386125. Take it anywhere you want at any given time! The weight it gets is comparatively light as well, which is about 10.53lbs.

You’re getting six different color options to choose from. Amongst them, we liked the white one most. It looks more beautiful and suits everyone’s kitchen best.

From 6oz to 12oz, you can prepare the perfect amount of coffee at your home. In addition, it allows you to brew hot cocoa, tea, and cold beverages without spending a lot of time.

To prepare coffee, you can just add a limited amount of water each time since the reservoir has a small capacity. But it seems pretty handy as you can remove it anytime from the coffee maker for refilling and cleaning purposes. 

You can also take off the drip tray for more convenience, especially when you need to clean it up.


  • Comes in the slimmest design with a width of fewer than 5 inches
  • Allows you to choose your desired coffee from 6oz to 12oz
  • Both drip tray and reservoir are removable for easy cleaning
  • Ensures a perfect fit on your counter with its specific cord storage


  • Inadequate reservoir capacity! 


If you prioritize outlook over everything, it’ll be tough to find any model better than the Keurig 611247386125. You can also select your favorite drink between 6oz to 12oz. Is that enough for you? We hope so!

What to Look for Before Buying a Coffee Maker?

It’s going to be a wrong decision to pick randomly from your nearest shops when it comes to the white coffee maker. If the maker you’re going to buy has white color, it doesn’t mean that it’ll be durable and functional!

So make sure you get the best one by following the below-mentioned factors. Try to note down each and every point below because these will assist you in making the right decision in terms of ultimate purchase.


The first thing you should keep in mind before buying a white coffee maker is to consider the capacity, although we aren’t suggesting you have something bigger as bigger isn’t always better!

Listen, if you’re the only person who drinks coffee at your home, a single-serve brewer will be just enough for you. But the case will be different if you want to prepare several cups for your full family.


Next, you shouldn’t forget about checking the durability of your coffee maker. In this case, the one you’re going to buy should be made of high-quality material.

Stainless steel is always best. It is easy to clean, and at the same time, it’ll last longer compared to other available choices.

Brewing Time

Are you interested in spending a lot of time just to get a single cup of coffee? Probably not. In fact, it’s a real bummer to wait for too long!

So our personal choice is to get the maker that takes less time to give you a tasty drink. What about the duration? Well, 30 to 60 seconds are suitable and ideal for those looking for a quick coffee maker.


Portability always matters to us, and when it comes down to coffee makers, we’d always love to have the one that’s lightweight as well as compact. And guess what? You can move a portable coffee maker in your office, gym, or even on your camping trips. Awesome, eh?


We believe a coffee maker should have two specific things to be a “user-friendly” machine. First off, it should be easy to clean. So the dripping tray and water reservoir should be removable for easy cleaning.

Alongside that, it’s essential to get the maker that is free from complex settings. After all, everyone wants to have a device that can be operated easily and quickly; you too, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the advantage of having a portable coffee maker?

A portable coffee maker is always easy to carry and transfer from one place to another. Even you can move it easily when you’re taking preparation for any outdoor gatherings.

Is it really tough to clean a coffee maker?

We don’t think so. Cleaning a coffee maker will seem like a walk in the park to you, especially if it’s equipped with a removable drip tray and reservoir.

Are white coffee makers long-lasting?

It depends on how you treat it. Even a high-end maker might break or lose its power too soon if you’re unable to operate it appropriately.
So try to use your product with proper care, which is the most important duty to make your white coffee maker more durable.

What’s the usual brewing time?

Generally, a regular coffee maker takes 30 to 60 seconds or so, but some other models might require up to 10 minutes to finish brewing.

Which color of coffee maker suits best on the kitchen countertop?

Although there is no specific rule to stick with a single color, our personal choice is always “white.” This single color suits any décor, especially it’ll match perfectly with your kitchen countertop.

Final Verdict!

Hands down, the Keurig K-Select is our best overall! Thanks to its portable design, classy look with an exquisite “matte white” finish, and the extra-large water reservoir (52 ounces).

Black + Decker CM1160W-1 might fill your cup if you’re unable to break your bank to get the best white coffee maker. Despite being inexpensive, it offers a total of 12 cups of capacity that is probably enough for you.

The third position goes to the Cuisinart DCC-1100P1 due to its stainless steel construction along with its unique functionalities.

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